Golf Clash Free Gems

Do you want to get Golf Clash Free Gems using proven method?

Golf Clash Free Gems:

GOLF CLASH game, which became #1 in its category of golf within the time span of just three years, broke all the records and won the “BAFTA Games Award for Mobile & Handheld” in the year 2018.

Playdemic, the developer of this exotic game, had the vision to develop a game in such a way in which a golf lover not only challenge his skills but can also take part in the tournament challenging players from all over the world.

So, let us check about the game and the tricks through which you can get free gems and coins


  • Fire up the battle of one on one.
  • A wide-ranging shot system that is easy to learn.
  • Players from all over the world are waiting to be challenged.
  • By raising the stakes to unlock the different beautiful advanced tours.
  • To win club card bonuses, you need to earn promotion in weekly leagues
  • You can upgrade your clubs and balls by discovering the mysterious chests box
  • Bragging rights are giving when you play with your friends via Facebook.
  • Show the world your jaw-dropping shots by saving and sharing.
  • Enhance the level of heat by challenging your opponent through emojis.
  • Unlock the advanced level of challenging weather and locations.

Now, let us see how to get free gems and coins through our #7 steps

#STEP 1- Play slow and steady for getting Golf Clash Free Gems

The gems will be determined by the pace of your gameplay. You can collect more coins by making the pace of your game slow so that you will collect enough coins till you become a  master of basic level.

You will be provided with a tutorial or training game where you can learn and practice the techniques to enhance the selection of shots. In this training, you can easily pace up your shots and play well in the GOLF CLASH game.

The important point is not to upgrade or purchase the default(basic) GOLF CLUB, which game will provide you. The only need is to play the same GOLF CLUB until you reach a certain stage. Fifteen days afterward, of game reward, you will get free 800 GEMS.


You can earn free GOLD COINS in Golf Clash while playing all the tours and tournaments. You can win  CHEST, which will further help you to enhance your gameplay. GOLF CLASH currently has six types of a chest filled with different amount of GOLD COINS and GEMS.

To fetch those chests, you must play various challenging tournaments, and you can also avail it when you unlock any achievement.

Following are six types of chests available



The PIN CHEST and the KING CHEST give some surprising cards if you receive one of these chests.

#STEP 3-WATCH FREE VIDEO ADS to get Golf Clash Free Gems

GOLF CLASH game provides a wonderful opportunity for its player that not only can they win coins while playing the game but also can earn them from watching some shorts ads less than 10 seconds ads can help you earn a lot of gold coins.

The advertisement will be played after the game or tournament. So, you can watch the ads after the match and earn those gold coins and utilize them for progressing in the game.

Watching ads will help you procuring GAME GOODIES like GEMS, COINS, BALLS, GOLF CLUBS. You must watch a lot of ads and earn a lot of coins and gems and use them in later levels.


Using gems to exchange coins is not a wise choice, as gems are rarely found in the game, and it is really needed in the higher levels of the game when you will need to have good golf balls or golf items.

The gems which you will save can be used to purchase golf balls with different features like

  1. Power
  2. Wind resistance
  3. Sidespin

And you will need to practice some of the game techniques like

  1. Hit the bull eye’s shot.
  2. Needle position will be your winning shot.
  3. When you are near a hole, the putt shot is the best.
  4. Calculate your distance and your power on the shot.
  5. Using the golf club to do topspin and backspin with golf ball.


In golf clash you need to play different tournaments where you will earn coins and most importantly the trophies which you can only win once in the same tournament, if participate again you will only earn coins.

Here are the different tournaments organize in the game






6.BEGINNER TOUR                20 TROPHIES


  1. A) There are weekly tours, which is another way of earning gold coins, and you must pay certain entry fees to participate in these tournaments.
  2. B) Always remember that you have to participate in PLATINUM TOURS, which will give you 11 chests. If you came second in the tournament, if you play KING TOURS, then you will get nine chests are you stood the second position.

So, we recommend you all to participate in PLATINUM TOURS as it will fetch you 11 chests but again always decide on how you have prepared for the tournament and accordingly choose the tours.



There is absolutely no need to upgrade your golf club when you are below level 8 as you will get a better golf club at higher levels with more enhanced attributes. So, till then, keep on collecting gems for using them to purchase a better golf club.

Following are the various attributes present in golf clash game








Log in to Facebook and connect your account and win gifts like

1.Platinum chest with gems, gold coins, and golf clubs in it.

  1. You can win more exciting prizes for that you need to check on the leaderboard.
  2. You can share your progress with your family and friends, and you will be notified of the latest announcement and breaking news.


  1. Golf clash has beautiful locations from around the world.
  2. It can be played with friends and family.
  3. Best game to kill time.
  4. Challengers are real people, so it gives a realistic touch.
  5. Have different attributes to enhance the level of the game.



  1. Sometimes the game freezes in the middle of the tournament.
  2. Forces new players to compete with the full-fledged players or the experienced players.
  3. In-app purchases are expensive.

Stay Alert From The Scams

The players need to stay alert from various online sites where they claim to provide you free gems and coins. According to our survey, most of the websites are found to useless and fraud with 100% fake deals for you all.

How to identify whether the GOLF CLASH GENERATOR IS A FRAUD?

  1. They make people complete some surveys.
  2. There is no person who can break the GOLF CLASH server.
  3. Do not give your personal details like your account number.
  4. Never install any application.


Golf clash game is, in its own way, an innovation that has won several hearts and prizes in its category. It has made it possible for the golf lover to play golf sitting at any place and yet enjoying the game like the original game.

We suggest you use our TOP #7 STEPS to fetch real and legal gems and coins and also with all verified ways to get the gems. Enjoy the game and Hit it, Alice.

07 Monstruo Leyendas Consejo y Trucos para ganar batallas

monster legend tip and tricks

¿Estás buscando Monstruo Leyendas Consejos y Trucos?

Monstruo Leyendas Consejos y Trucos:

Las leyendas de los monstruos son un juego de razas de monstruos que se atreven a alimentar y entrenar a su monstruo mortal y luchar con otros monstruos en el campo de batalla. El juego de leyendas de monstruos es una mezcla de monstruos de cría y criarlos para luchar en cualquier batalla.

Con más de 50 millones de Monster legends instala desde Google Play Store, es uno de los mejores juegos en su categoría de lucha de monstruos. Monster Legends juego móvil es desarrollado por “Punto Social.”

Con cientos de monstruos geniales para criar y entrenar, este juego definitivamente busca pelear entre diferentes elementos de monstruos.

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Características de Monstruo Leyendas Consejos y Trucos

Juegos de monstruos gratis con toneladas de monstruos por descubrir
Cría diferentes tipos de elementos de monstruos
Mezclar y combinar diferentes elementos de monstruos y hacer un monstruo híbrido
Lleva al monstruo a los campos de batalla y gana todos los partidos
Alimentarlos, criarlos hacerlos sanos y listos para la batalla
Lea los contras y pro de cada elemento de la categoría de monstruo antes de elegir actualizar
Puede utilizar gemas para actualizar o reproducir o progresar más rápido en la tabla de clasificación
Conecta tu cuenta con Facebook y comparte tu progreso
Hacer que el equipo y borrar todos los niveles difíciles
Monstruos lindos como mascotas

07 Monstruo Leyendas Consejo y Trucos para ganar batallas

Vamos a ver todos los consejos y trucos de Monster legends para ganar batallas.

Consejo 1 # Conozca los elementos del monstruo

Cada monstruo en Monster legends juego pertenece a algunos elementos de llamada categoría. Ahora todos los atributos de estos elementos son naturales en los monstruos a los que pertenecen.

Hay nueve categorías de elementos en leyendas de monstruos, y todos los monstruos pertenecen a cualquiera de estas categorías.

Know Monster elements

Lista de elementos en Monster Legends

Tierra oscura
La Naturaleza Del Trueno

Los elementos en leyendas de monstruos deciden el resultado de cualquier batalla, como por ejemplo

El trueno es fuerte contra el agua pero más débil que la tierra
La Tierra es fuerte contra el Trueno pero más débil que la Oscuridad
La oscuridad es fuerte contra la tierra pero más débil que la luz
La luz es fuerte contra la oscuridad pero más débil que el metal
El metal es fuerte contra la Luz pero más débil que la Magia
La magia es fuerte contra el metal pero más débil que la naturaleza
la naturaleza es fuerte contra Magia pero más débil que Fuego
El fuego es fuerte contra la naturaleza pero más débil que el agua
El agua es fuerte contra el fuego pero más débil que el trueno

Por lo tanto, cada vez que elijas a tu monstruo para la batalla, considera elegir diferentes monstruos de elementos en el equipo para obtener ventaja sobre tu oponente. Centrarse en este monstruo leyendas consejo y trucos si quieres sobresalir en el juego. 

Consejo 2 # monstruo de actualización que es más poderoso

Actualiza esos monstruos en juegos de leyendas de monstruos, que son más poderosos que otros. Para ello es necesario comprobar los atributos de cada monstruo cuando todavía están en el nivel 1.

Todos los monstruos en leyendas de monstruos tienen estas características


Elija los monstruos que tienen más poder y resistencia que sobre otras características.

No actualice todos los monstruos a la vez, primero verifique todas las opciones disponibles que tiene y luego elija actualizar esos monstruos que cree que tienen buenas capacidades.

Considere estas características en cada monstruo y luego elija cuál puede llevarlo a la guerra y ganar batallas.

Consejo 3 # Raza y tren híbrido Monster

Si crees que solo hay monstruos de elementos puros en las leyendas de Monster, piensa de nuevo. Serás bastante sorprendente saber que hay cientos de monstruos híbridos que están esperando ser descubiertos.

Puedes mezclar y combinar el monstruo de elemento puro para obtener un nuevo monstruo híbrido, que tendrá capacidades tanto del elemento. Ahora bien, este es un cambio de juego en las leyendas del monstruo, ahora se puede criar monstruo diferente que tiene tanto la capacidad de elemento puro y puede ganar partidos.

Monstruo Leyendas Consejos y Trucos

Es una buena idea en el juego de leyendas de monstruos para entrenar o actualizar el monstruo híbrido, que tiene tanto la capacidad de elementos puros.

En cualquier batalla, si el oponente está utilizando monstruo elemento puro y que está utilizando un monstruo híbrido, entonces hay un 80% probabilidad de que va a ganar la batalla.

Usa el monstruo híbrido en la batalla:

Hacer un punto de usar el monstruo híbrido en la batalla porque hay posibilidad de que su oponente tendrá un monstruo elemento puro. Por lo tanto, puede abordar fácilmente ese monstruo y ganar el partido fácilmente.

Consejo 4 # Elija el equipo sabiamente

 Las leyendas de monstruos solo te permiten llevar a 03 (tres) monstruos a los campos de batalla. Ahora tomar ventaja de esta estrategia y actualizar sólo 03 monstruos y hacerlos poderosos.

Necesitas actualizar estos tres monstruos (idealmente monstruo híbrido) al máximo para conquistar todas las batallas. Si actualiza más de tres monstruos, entonces usted waster sus recursos, y también no ayudará en la batalla como su monstruo no será poderoso para ganar cualquier partido.

Dependiendo de la fuerza de tu monstruo (características), debes decidir el monstruo más poderoso de tu rebaño y elegir actualizarlo.

Siempre intenta actualizar un monstruo al menos hasta el nivel 08 (ocho) antes de que quieras llevarlos a la batalla.

Consejo 5 # Construir granjas y alimentar monstruos

Monster legends juego está construyendo con el juego de lucha monstruo; es necesario construir granjas para alimentar a los monstruos hambrientos. Si no lo haces, tu monstruo no participará en ninguna batalla.

Los monstruos en leyendas de monstruos necesitan comida en cada etapa, lo que significa que evolucionarán al siguiente nivel cuando les proporciones comida. Ahora para proporcionar comida a su monstruo, es necesario construir granja.

Como hay muchos elementos en el juego de leyendas de monstruos, también significa que hay muchos hábitats para esos monstruos. Ahora cada monstruo pertenece a algún hábitat, y requiere diferentes alimentos para su supervivencia.

Es necesario comprobar Granjas y luego construirlas para alimentar a sus monstruos, que pertenecen a diferentes hábitats.

Consejo 6 # Obtener XP en el mapa de aventura

Adventure Map es el lugar donde recibirás XP para tu monstruo, lo que les permite evolucionar a los siguientes niveles. El mapa de aventuras se abrirá cuando alcances el nivel 10 en tu barra de progreso.

A continuación, puede aventurarse en el mapa de aventura en leyendas de monstruos con sus monstruos listos para la batalla. Cada nivel es un mapa de aventuras va a buscar sus golosinas juego y XP, y será más y más difícil cuando se avanza un nivel más alto.

Al derrotar a los abucheos al final del mapa de aventura, se le dará XP y rueda de giro libre. A partir de esa rueca obtendrá golosinas de juego que va a progresar en el juego.

Consejo 7 # Participar en eventos

Participa en eventos y otras promociones de temporada en leyendas de monstruos para obtener huevos de monstruos gratis, golosinas de juego. Siempre debe participar en estos eventos mensuales, ya que estos dan una buena enumeración y premio si gana.

Si quieres algunas golosinas gratis en leyendas de monstruos, entonces puedes ver anuncios de video, que es una buena fuente de regalos gratis. También asegúrese de iniciar sesión todos los días para obtener regalos gratis.

Palabras finales

Por lo tanto, estos son 07 Monster legends consejos y trucos que puedes emplear para ganar todas las batallas en el juego de monster legends.

Robux Códigos gratis

Robux Códigos gratis

¿Está buscando métodos para obtener códigos Robux gratis sin hacer ninguna encuesta en línea o verificación humana falsa?

Robux Códigos gratis:
Roblox ha creado un mundo de imaginación 3D para niños, donde pueden albergar su creatividad o explorar su sueño en línea. El juego Roblox tiene algunos de los servidores más grandes de este mundo, donde miles de jugadores alojan su juego.

Los juegos de alojamiento en este servidor Roblox son gratuitos, y puede liberar su creatividad simplemente siguiendo los tutoriales de Roblox.

Con más de 178 millones de cuentas en el juego Roblox y más de 13 millones de jugadores activos de Roblox, necesitas gastar dinero real para avanzar en el juego.

Hemos resumido seis métodos impresionantes por los cuales puede obtener códigos Roblox gratis.
Lea también:  Robux Códigos gratis

¿Cómo obtener códigos Robux gratis?

La moneda oficial del juego Roblox es Robux, que puede obtener todos los artículos en el juego Roblox. Puedes usar Robux para comprar todo tipo de artículos de juego en Roblox, incluido el constructor Hut.

Ahora, la cabaña del constructor es ese tipo de membresía de Roblox donde puedes obtener Robux gratis todos los días, dependiendo de tu membresía. Puedes comprar o vender diferentes artículos en Roblox si tienes una membresía activa del club Builder.

Entonces, verifiquemos el método de Cómo obtener Robux gratis.

06 Método para obtener códigos Robux gratis
Todos los métodos enumerados a continuación están probados por nosotros, y le recomendamos que los use sin ningún temor.

1. Vender Artículos En Roblox Juego
Si quieres un Robux rápido, entonces deberías comenzar a comprar y vender artículos raros, colectivos o de edición limitada en Roblox. El juego Roblox de vez en cuando anuncia artículos raros o de edición limitada que están hechos para celebrar algunos eventos.
Ahora, si tienes la suerte, puedes comprar estos artículos colectivos en las tiendas oficiales de Roblox. Estos colectivos o artículos de edición limitada le obtendrán más del 300% de retorno de la inversión en uno o dos años.
La gente siempre busca comprar estos artículos raros para mostrarlos en el canal de YouTube o en línea. Si posees ese tipo de artículos, entonces puedes pensar en venderlos gratis Robux sin tiempo.

2. Empezar a hacer un nuevo juego
Uno de los métodos lucrativos para ganar códigos Robux gratis es hacer nuevos juegos en Roblox. La plataforma Roblox se basa en LUA (lenguaje de programación), lo que significa que deberías tener algún conocimiento de este idioma.
Pero espera:
Para facilitar la mente de creación joven, Roblox ha introducido Roblox studio, que es muy fácil de operar, y puedes hacer un nuevo juego dentro de 5 min. El software de estudio Roblox se basa en el constructor de artículos de arrastrar y soltar estilo WYSIWYG.
Puedes hacer tu primer juego en Roblox sin ningún conocimiento de programación dentro de los 5 minutos después de seguir estos tutoriales de Roblox Studio.

3.Comience a ganar uniéndose al sitio web de GPT

Puede comenzar a ganar Robux gratis uniéndose a GPT (Se les paga a) sitio web. Que funciona en monedas o sistemas de puntos y los premia cuando se completa cualquier tarea en su página web.
Ahora, el sitio web de GPT puede llevar mucho tiempo, lo que significa que necesita 30 minutos diarios para iniciar sesión en estos sitios web y completar su tarea. Usted puede esperar para ganar más de $50 dólar en una semana de estos sitios web GPT.
Algunas de las tareas en estos sitios web de GPT son las siguientes
• Installs software o aplicaciones en su ordenador
Formularios de encuesta
Una opinión sobre los productos
• componer, escribir y enviar correos electrónicos
Haga clic en el sitio web
pequeños artículos
• Refiera a los miembros de la familia o a los amigos para ganar puntos de bonificación
Enlace a los medios de comunicación social para ganar puntos de bonificación
Todos los derechos reservados.
Algunos de los mejores sitios web de GPT son Swagbucks, FeaturePoints, PointPrize

4. Únete y obtén Robux de la aplicación móvil GPT
También puede unirse a GPT (se les paga a) aplicación móvil y obtener Robux libre en ningún momento. Las aplicaciones móviles GPT funcionan de forma similar a la página web de GPT y proporcionan monedas o puntos para la finalización de ciertas obras.
Puede ganar $ 30 por semana si comienza a trabajar con estas aplicaciones móviles GPT gratuitas.
Algunas de las tareas que debe realizar en las aplicaciones móviles GPT son
•Instalar aplicaciones en su Smartphone
Instalar juegos
Instalación de antivirus o
Haga clic en los anuncios
parte en temporada
artículos pequeños
Pequeñas encuestas
• Dar opinión
Algunas de las aplicaciones móviles GPT son GiftPanda, PanelPlace, App Karma, CashPirate.

5. Sitio web de la encuesta
Para ganar Robux gratis, puede unirse al sitio web de la encuesta, que funciona en sistemas de puntos. Es necesario completar una encuesta para la que obtendrá puntos cuando estos puntos.
Puede canjear estos puntos cuando se acumulan, y puede obtener tarjetas de regalo Roblox gratis o códigos Robux gratis. También puede optar por una tarjeta de regalo digital diferente si lo desea.
Puede ganar más de $ 60 por semana trabajando en estos sitios web de encuestas si inicia sesión diariamente durante 30 min.
Algunos de los mejores sitios web de encuestas en línea son Mysurveys, InboxDollars, Vindale Research y Opinion Outpost.

6. Echa un vistazo a Foro y sorteo
Hay muchos lugares ocultos donde se puede encontrar el código Robux libre, como Pastor y Reddit. Necesita explorar estos lugares para estos códigos Roblox gratuitos, y encontrará muchos códigos de trabajo sin verificación.
También puede unirse a Big Social media sorteo, donde se necesita para participar en estos eventos de forma gratuita Robux. Puede compartir bio o enlaces de afiliados y tener la oportunidad de participar en estos eventos.

Palabras finales
Por lo tanto, estos son los códigos Robux gratuitos – Códigos Roblox no utilizados actualizados, donde hemos discutido 06 métodos impresionantes para obtener Robux gratis en el juego Roblox.

10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

Free Nintendo eShop Codes

Are you looking for free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes? 

Free Unused Nintendo eShop codes:

Nintendo has recently release Nintendo Gift Cards, which can be used to purchase diffident game items, game cosmetics, and game bundles.

All the Nintendo eShop codes come in 16-digit alphanumeric and can be used to purchase any items which are present in Nintendo Store.

If you are looking for legit and proven methods to earn free Unused Nintendo eShop codes, then check our top 10 methods to earn free eShop codes.

Also read: Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

How to Get free unused Nintendo eShop Codes without human verification?

Let’s face it; there are no free methods to get Nintendo eShop codes in this world.

All the website which claims to provide free eShop codes within a few minutes are fake and, in our study, we did not find any legit working website.

So, in our advice, you stay away from these online eShop Code generator website, which works on two modules.

Stay away from eShop Code Generator:

As we have discussed, Nintendo eShop code generators work on two modules

  • Make people complete a survey
  • Install malware or virus into the system

Make People Complete Survey

In this module, the website claim to provide free eShop codes without the hassle and make visitors complete survey to earn money.

This online Scam website works on the GPT website module, but they tend to give nothing as they tend to show that they can break into Nintendo Server.

In this module, the user needs to put a Nintendo game account email and then click on generate, and it then shows some gibberish codes and claims that they break into the server.

Now, you should remember a certain aspect of this method:

  • No one-page website can break into Nintendo server
  • Nintendo has hired thousands of IT professionals who can know this break-in within minutes.
  • So, it is not possible to break into big game servers like Nintendo
  • These Scam websites make people complete surveys on which they earn a commission.
  • Do not put our userid and password of Nintendo game account in this type of website

Install malware or virus into the system

In this module, the website tries to install fake .exe into the visitor’s system, claiming to give them free eShop codes.

Now there are hundreds of incidents where people losses all their confidential data and money, as these exe installs virus and backdoor into the victim systems.

You should be more careful about these types of unsolicited method to gain free eShop code, where you may lose all your sensitive data.

10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

So, if we are not using these fake online methods of getting eShop codes, then what are other methods by which we can earn free Digital gift Codes?

Well, there are more than 15 methods by which you can earn eShop codes free, but we have summarized the top 10 methods of getting Nintendo eShop digital code.

Method 1 # Use Gold Points by Nintendo

Nintendo has added Gold Points to any purchases you will do with its games or game bundle.

Nintendo Gold Points

These Gold Points are treated equivalent to a dollar, and you can redeem them for getting any new game or game custom.

Gold Points, which are now regular features with new games, are treated as essential items as they can be used as a credit to purchase new items.

Check in the Nintendo Store for “First Skunk Bundle,” which has 30 Gold Points associated with it.

Use the Gold Point credit and purchase these items from Nintendo Store

  • Nintendo Console games
  • Any old Nintendo Classic game
  • Game Bundle
  • Game Cosmetics including characters

Method 2 # Work in GPT Website

Work with GPT (get paid to) website for free digital gift cards.

You should consider joining a free GPT website like Swagbucks, PointsPrize, where you will perform a small task.

For every task you perform, you will be awarded points which later can be accumulated and redeem for Gift Cards.

Some of the tasks which you can perform in this GPT website are

  • Watch video ads
  • Install different apps or software in PC or Smartphone
  • Compose, send or fill different mails
  • Complete any free survey
  • Give your valuable opinion on any products
  • Keep on participating in diffident events and claim points

Method 3 # Work in GPT Mobile Apps

GPT mobile Apps are another way of earning free eShop codes, and they follow the same module of GPT website.

You need to perform a small task to earn points that can later be redeemed for any digital gift cards including Nintendo Gift Card.

Some of the best GPT mobile apps are as follows

  • MyPoints
  • CashCrate
  • Opinion Panda
  • FreeMyApps

Method 4 # Work in Survey website

You can also Join Survey Website, which is free to join and gives a huge bonus for just joining them.

Some of the online Survey websites provides a $1 bonus when you register free with them.

You need to complete a daily survey on these websites and earn points when your points get huge or accumulated; you can redeem them for gift cards.

Consider using these free methods of earning eShop codes as these are legit method but requires your time to complete all offers.

Some of the best online survey websites are as follows

  • MySurvey
  • InBoxDollars
  • Vindale Research
  • Panda research

Method 5 # Join Game Forums

Consider joining Reddit and other similar game forums for free Codes. If you check all the subreddit, you will find many unused eShop codes being pasted in these forums board.

First, search all the related subreddit or game forums which has Nintendo games or Nintendo giveaway as topic headlines.

Now, explore one-by-one and read all the article posted in this subreddit, you will find many codes which will be posted on these forums. Check one-by-one and try to redeem them in your game account.

Method 6 # Check cheap Services

You can join Fiverr or SEOClerk for some cheap Nintendo Gift Cards, which people are selling at lower prices.

If you check all the gigs properly, you will find a discount on many Nintendo Gift Cards such as

  • $20 eShop codes will be available in $16
  • $35 eShop codes will be available in $30
  • $50 eShop codes will be available in $45

So, if you are looking to purchase any Nintendo Gift Card, then visit Fiverr or SEOClerk and get a discount.

Method 7 # Work as game Tester

There are many gaming companies which give an opportunity to test beta games, and if you are selected in these game testing team, you will receive free digital gift cards.

You can also free eShop codes as you can test all the games which are still in the beta stage and requires extensive gameplay.

In this game tester job, you need to spend 02 to 03 hours per day, playing the game and giving valuable suggestions to the development team.

<ahref=””><img src=”” /></a>

Check out the link and start earning money or gift cards with playing the game.

Method 8 # Check for Codes in Text bulletin board

Nowadays, there is one secret place where you can get free eShop Codes, and those are text Bulletin board.

You can search and find hundreds of codes on these websites and use them for free credits for your Nintendo games.

Check here for free eShop codes 2019:

You can find many other online Text Bulleting boards like Pastebin, where you can find free Nintendo Gift Cards codes.

List of text storage website where you can look for free codes

Method 9 # Join in Instagram Giveaway

The biggest giveaway always occurs on Instagram, where you can find 50 coupons of $50 is distributed among the followers who have participated in the event.

You can join these events or giveaway and start receiving free gift codes without any problem.

How to participate in eShop Codes Instagram giveaway?

Follow these steps, if you want to take part and win in these events

  • First of all, you need to register in these events by clicking on the following button of the advertisers of Instagram
  • Read all the information on how your participation will be valid
  • For example, you need to share their affiliate link in your 10 Facebook friends wall, or you need to share links to a Twitter account
  • Many times, you need to share it on different social media platform like
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • VK
    • Instagram
    • WhatsApp
  • After you completed your sharing, you need to wait for the event to complete
  • When the event gets completed, the winner will be announced by fair means, and free eShop codes will be given to the winner by mail.

Method 10 # Join Facebook and Twitter page

Consider joining all official webpages of Nintendo and its games on Facebook and Twitter pages. There are many incidents of big game companies provides free eShop code to encourage more people to play their games.

If you are connected to all big game companies on Facebook and Twitter, you will have a greater chance of using these codes.

As Nintendo codes can be used only one time and money will be credit into your account within few minutes.

So, our advice is to check all the official page or fan page to get some free eShop codes as they are uploaded into the giveaway page.

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Final words

So, these are the top 10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes. You should never consider using any scam online website which will try to install fake software in your system.

Top 10 Homescapes Cheats Tips and Tricks 2020

homescapes cheats

Are you searching for Homescapes Cheats Tips and Tricks which will give big Bonus likes free Homescapes coins, free Stars and help you clear your Present level?

Homescapes is developed by a game company known as “Playrix,” which also developed Gardenscapes.

With Austin, the butler in the front seat Homescapes combines the 3-puzzle game into renovating homes.

All you need to do is to help Austin to renovate his ancestral property by playing the 3-puzzle game.

Homescapes has more than 100 Million verified downloads from the Google Play Store and is also available for iOS users.

With thousands of users joining Homescapes daily, it has crossed $400-dollar mark in its first year.

Homescapes now become the no#1 game in its category and command huge popularity among users of all ages.

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Why Homescapes game is so popular?

Homescapes the game reaches its pinnacle of success due to many factors, which are given below

  • A brilliant mixture of 3-puzzle game with home renovation
  • Decorate room according to your taste
  • The game has many levels which will keep you glued to your Smartphone
  • Exciting 3-puzzle game with tons of combos and boosters
  • Easy to play and difficult to master
  • Unlock all the hidden rooms in the Austin mansion
  • Cute pet to support you in your adventure
  • No time limits
  • You need to only check the moves which are left before you can finish your game
  • You can take help of friends for free extra life (hearts)
  • You can invite your Facebook friends to check your mansion in the game.

Top 10 Homescapes Cheats Tips and Tricks 2020

Let’s discuss top 10 Homescapes Cheats, Tips and Tricks to level up in the game.

You can use Homescapes tips and tricks to get

  • Homescapes free coins
  • Homescapes free stars
  • Homescapes free hearts (life)
  • Know all the tips to clear level faster
  • Know all kind of booster and combos
  • Tricks which are used by top levels players to clear any difficulty level

Method 1 # Get free Homescapes hearts (life)  

In this method, you will get free Stars or life in Homescapes, without any hassle.

Imagine, you are about to clear any level in Homescapes, and your moves run out. Now you want to try again, but your game doesn’t have any hearts (life) left.

You can use this method to get free Homescapes hearts.

In this method, you need to change your Smartphone date, follow these steps to achieve the Homescape cheat.

  • Log out from Homescapes game
  • Now set your Mobile date one day forward
  • Again, Log into your Homescapes game
  • Now you will find your Homescapes game has 05 hearts available
  • Use it and clear your difficulty level
  • Now log out from Homescapes game
  • Set back your real date of your Smartphone
  • Log again into your mobile and enjoy the game

Statutory warning: article written in this blog is for information and education only. We did not promote any kind of Homescapes cheats or Glitch. Users are advised to use this Homescapes cheat or methods on their own discretion.

Method 2 # Know Homescapes Game

You need to know how to play Homescapes the game.

Homescapes game is to complete the “to-do list” using stars, which you can get when you complete any puzzle level.

You need to understand that Homescapes is just 3-puzzle game and you need to match 03 similar cubes to eliminate them in the puzzle board.

Now to eliminate these 03 cubes, you need to follow the basic tutorial and need to understand how this matching pattern works.

Keep on clearing each level by matching 03 cubes to earn stars and coins which can be used to renovate or purchase new items for the mansion.

Pro tips: you should pay attention to all the tutorial at the beginning of the game to know how Homescapes game progress.

Method 3 # Follow 3-puzzle thumb rule

Whenever you find any 3-puzzle game which involves matching 03 cubes, then you need to follow the thumb rule.

What is a 3-puzzle thumb rule?

The 3-puzzle thumb rule is to “start clearing from bottom,” which means that whatever may be the case if you find any matching in the bottom line, use it first.

In this method, you have to mix and match the bottom line, which will give you whole new cubes and will provide you with new combination.

Features of this method

  • Follow the basic rule of clearing from the bottom first
  • You need to mix and match cubes from the bottom to get a new combination
  • Eliminate 03 or more cubes form the bottom line or above it, to get more combination
  • The method can be used for all levels and especially for hard levels

Pro tips: follow this thumb rule to clear your levels fast in Homescapes

Method 4 # Plan three moves ahead to clear level

Homescapes is based on a 3-puzzle board game, which means you need to plan your move ahead to clear all levels.

Best way to play Homescapes is to plan 03 moves ahead to create any powerup, which can eliminate more cubes.

Depending on the moves left and combination present in the 3-puzzle board, you need to choose your move.

Try to make powerup which can help you in clearing the level fast.

Features of this method

  • You need to plan 03 moves ahead
  • You should pay attention to all powerup which you can make in each move
  • Try to visualize ahead to plan your move
  • Powerup is great level clearer in Homescapes

Pro Tips: plan three moves ahead like chess to clear all levels

Method 5 # know Homescapes powerup

Whenever you mix and match more than 03 cubes in Homescapes, it becomes powerup.

Now, these powerup in Homescapes is great level clear, as they eliminate more cube than the basic 03 cube matching.

You need to know all the features and how to use these powerup in Homescapes to clear your difficult levels.

There are four types of powerup present in the Homescapes game

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper plane
  • Rainbow Ball

Let’s check out all the features of these powerup in Homescapes game

  • Rocket: one of the basic powerups which you will find every time is rocket. Rocket can be gain by matching four similar cubes. Rocket can be used to clear rows or column depending on the face present on it.
  • Bomb: is very powerful and can eliminate all adjacent 08 cubes around it. Bomb can be created by matching 05 cubes in L shape. Use bomb powerup to eliminate 08 cubes with one tap.
  • Paper Plane: can be made using four cubes in square and it can eliminate one cube in the puzzle board.
  • Rainbow ball: the rainbow ball is the most powerful powerup which can eliminate all similar cubes from the puzzle board.

Pro tips: learn properly how these powerup works in a different situation and clear all levels.

Method 6 # Mix all your powerup to eliminate more cube

You need to understand all the powerup before you can use this method.

In this method, you need to mix and match different powerup to gain more power which can eliminate more cubes.

Features of this method

  • Do not use powerup individually
  • You have to mix and match them with another powerup to eliminate more cubes
  • Start using these combinations and get more power
    • Match Rocket + Rocket = to eliminate more rows and column
    • Match Rocket + bomb = to eliminate row or column and 08 cubes
    • Match Rocket + paper plane
    • Match Rocket + rainbow ball
    • Match bomb + rainbow ball
    • Match bomb + paper plane
    • Match paper plane + rainbow ball

Pro tips: all pro players rely on this method to eliminate cubes fast and clear levels with ease.

Method 7 # wait for the game to show moves

If you are new or you did not find any moves, then stay idle for some time and game will show you the best possible move.

Always remember, you should follow the thumb rule for clearing any matching cubes.

Check for the bottom row for any matching cubes and if you don’t find then go with the suggested move show by Homescapes game.

Always pay attention to make any combos or powerup, which can give you an extra boost to eliminate all your cubes.

Try to mix and match cubes in Homescapes to make different powerup.

Pro tips: always wait for the game to show the suggested move then decide if you want to use that move or not.

Method 8 # Use game booster hammer to clear levels

Hammer is a special booster which is available in each game.

Hammer cannot be made using any combination; rather they are awarded when you clear any levels.

Hammer is the best last-minute resort for your rescue; you can use that to eliminate one cube from the puzzle board.

Now imagine this, you have only one move left, and you have only one cube left in the puzzle board to eliminate to clear the level.

What you can do now?

Use hammer which is in your dashboard and clear your level.

Pro tips: use a hammer as a last resort to clear your level

Method 9 # Use Free Homescapes Boxes for game goodies

Look out for the daily goals and mission you need to perform.

Homescapes will gift you with gift Boxes when you keep on completing your mission.

Use these free game goodies in Homescapes to clear your level as these may contain 30-minutes of booster timer.

Which means you can use these boosters unlimited time for 30-min.

Start clearing all your levels within the stipulated period and try to maximize your progress with these Homescapes Boxes.

Pro tips: Homescapes  cheats boxes are great level clearer when using properly.

Method 10 # Connect your account with Facebook for free Coins

Homescapes provides free Coins when you connect with your Facebook account.

Some of the features of joining Facebook account are given below

  • Get 1000 Homescapes coins free
  • Get all your family members and friends in your group
  • You can ask for free hearts from your family member and friends
  • You can save progress in your Facebook account
  • Keep checking all leaderboard
  • You can also check how your family or friends clear the present levels
  • You can get help from all your friends

Pro tips: you can only join a team when you reach level 36, but if you did not want to wait then join Facebook and ask hearts for your family or friends.

Avoid the Biggest Mistake of Homescapes cheats

We have come across more than 12 websites which claim to provide free Homescapes Coins and Stars, but they all later out turn out to be 100% fraud.

There are two types of online fraud going on in Homescapes cheats

(a) Online Survey Tools

(b) Download Breaking Tools

  • Online Survey Tools: all these types of Homescapes website claims that they will provide you with free Homescapes Coins and Stars by breaking into Homescapes server.
  • But when you use them, they stop and tell you to complete some survey, after that they send you to some useless Scam website.

                    Points which you should know

  • No one can break inside the Homescapes server
  • No website can provide you unlimited stars or Coins
  • There are thousands of IT security personnel working to defend Homescapes servers; they can stop any breaking attempts within minutes.
  • Do not provide Homescapes userid or password to any website
  • Avoid this online survey website


  • Download Breaking Tool – this method is more dangerous than the previous one. In this fake method, you need to install the Homescapes tool to your computer and then start the process.
  •  These Homescapes installs are made with 100% virus and malware, which will compromise your system and lead sensitive data.

We recommend you all to stay away from any .exe files which need to install in your system.

Final words

So, these are the Top 10 Homescapes Cheats Tips and Tricks 2019, which will give you unlimited coins, stars, and booster to clear your levels.

Keep using all the methods discuss in the article and keep updating us for which method you think was the best between these methods.