07 Monster Legends Tip and Tricks to Win Battles

Are you searching for Monster Legends Tips and Tricks to win battles?

Monster Legends Tip and Tricks:

Monster legends are game of monster breeds who dare to feed and train their deadly monster and fight with other monsters in battlefield. Monster legends game is mixture of breeding monster and raising them to fight any battle.

With more than 50 million Monster legends installs from Google Play Store, it is one of the best games in its category of monster fighting. Monster Legends Mobile game is developed by “Social Point.”

With hundreds of cool monsters to breed and train, this game is definitely to look for fighting between different elements of monsters.

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Features of Monster Legends Tips and Tricks

  • Free Monster games with tons of monster to discover
  • Breed different types of elements of monsters
  • Mix and match different elements of monsters and make a hybrid monster
  • Take monster to battlefields and win every match
  • Feed them, breed them make them healthy and battle-ready
  • Read the cons and pro of each element of monster category before you choose to upgrade
  • Can use Gems to upgrade or breed or progress faster in the leaderboard
  • Connect your account with Facebook and share your progress
  • Make the team and clear all difficult levels
  • Cute Monsters as pets

07 Monster Legends Tip and Tricks to Win Battles

Let’s check all the Monster legends tips and tricks to win battles.

Tip 1 # Know Monster elements

Every monster in Monster legends game belongs to some category call elements. Now all the attributes of these elements come naturally in the monsters in which they belong.

Know Monster elements

There are nine elements category in monster legends, and all monsters belong to any one of these categories.

List of Elements in Monster Legends


Elements in monster legends decide the outcome of any battle, as for example

  • Thunder is strong against water but weaker than the earth
  • Earth is strong against Thunder but weaker than Dark
  • Dark is strong against earth but weaker than Light
  • Light is strong against Dark but weaker than Metal
  • Metal is strong against Light but weaker than Magic
  • Magic is strong against the metal but weaker than nature
  • nature is strong against Magic but weaker than Fire
  • Fire is strong against nature but weaker than water
  • Water is strong against Fire but weaker than Thunder

So, whenever you choose your monster for battle, consider choosing different element monsters in the team to get advantage over your opponent. Focus on this monster legends tip and tricks if you want to excel in the game. 

Tip 2 # upgrade monster which is more powerful

Upgrade those monsters in monster legends games, which are more powerful than others. For this you need to check the attributes of each monster when they are still in level 1.

All monster in monster legends has these characteristics

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Life
  • Stamina

Choose those monsters which have more power and stamina than over other characteristics.

Do not upgrade all monster at a time, first check all the available option you have and then choose to upgrade those monsters which you think have good capabilities.

Consider these characteristics in each monster and then choose which one can lead you into the war and win battles.

Tip 3 # Breed and Train Hybrid Monster

If you think that there are only pure elements monsters in Monster legends, then think again. You will be quite surprise to know that there are hundreds of Hybrid monster which are waiting to get discovered.

Breed and Train Hybrid Monster

You can mix and match the pure element monster to get new Hybrid monster, which will have capabilities of both the element. Now this is a game-changer in Monster legends, you can now breed different monster which has both the capability of pure element and can win matches.

It is a good idea in monster legends game to train or upgrade Hybrid monster, which has both the capability of pure elements.

In any battle, if opponent is using pure element monster and you are using a hybrid monster, then there is an 80% chance that you will win the battle.

Use Hybrid Monster in Battle:

Make a point of using the hybrid monster in battle because there is chance that your opponent will have one pure element monster. So, you can tackle easily that monster and win the match easily.

Tip 4 # Choose Team Wisely

 Monster legends only allow you to take 03 (three) monster into the battlefields. Now take advantage of this strategy and upgrade only 03 monsters and make them powerful.

You need to upgrade these three monsters (ideally Hybrid monster) to the fullest to conquer all battles. If you upgrade more than three monsters, then you will waster your resources, and it will also not help in battle as your monster will not powerful to win any match.

Depending on your monster strength (characteristics), you need to decide the most powerful monster in your herd and choose to upgrade it.

Always try to upgrade a monster to at least to level 08 (eight) before you want to take them in battle.

Tip 5 # Build Farms and Feed Monsters

Monster legends game is building with fighting monster game; you need to build farms to feed hungry monsters. If you fail to do this, your monster will not participate in any battle.

Monsters in monster legends need food in every stage, which means they will evolve into the next level when you provide them food. Now to provide food to your monster, you need to build farm.

As there are many elements in monster legends game, it also means there are many habitats for those monsters. Now every monster belongs to some habitat, and it requires different food for its survival.

You need to check Farms and then build them to feed your monsters, which belong to different habitats.

Tip 6 # Get XP in Adventure Map

Adventure Map is the place where you will receive XP for your Monster, which allows them to evolve to next levels. Adventure map will open when you reach Level 10 in your progress bar.

You can then venture into Adventure map in monster legends with your battle-ready monsters. Each level is an adventure map will fetch your game goodies and XP, and it will become harder and harder when you advance a higher level.

When you defeat boos at the end of the adventure map, you will be given XP and free-spinning wheel. From that spinning wheel you will get game goodies that you will progress in the game.

Tip 7 # Take Part in events

Take part in events and other seasonal promotions on Monster legends to get free monsters’ eggs, game goodies. You should always take part in these monthly events as these give good enumeration and prize if you win.

If you want some free goodies in monster legends, then you can watch video ads, which is good source of free gifts. Also ensure that you are login daily to get free gifts.

Final words

So, these are 07 Monster legends tips and tricks which you can employ to win every battle in monster legends game.

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