10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

Are you looking for free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes? 

Free Unused Nintendo eShop codes:

Nintendo has recently release Nintendo Gift Cards, which can be used to purchase diffident game items, game cosmetics, and game bundles.

All the Nintendo eShop codes come in 16-digit alphanumeric and can be used to purchase any items which are present in Nintendo Store.

If you are looking for legit and proven methods to earn free Unused Nintendo eShop codes, then check our top 10 methods to earn free eShop codes.

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How to Get free unused Nintendo eShop Codes without human verification?

Let’s face it; there are no free methods to get Nintendo eShop codes in this world.

All the website which claims to provide free eShop codes within a few minutes are fake and, in our study, we did not find any legit working website.

So, in our advice, you stay away from these online eShop Code generator website, which works on two modules.

Stay away from eShop Code Generator:

As we have discussed, Nintendo eShop code generators work on two modules

  • Make people complete a survey
  • Install malware or virus into the system

Make People Complete Survey

In this module, the website claim to provide free eShop codes without the hassle and make visitors complete survey to earn money.

This online Scam website works on the GPT website module, but they tend to give nothing as they tend to show that they can break into Nintendo Server.

In this module, the user needs to put a Nintendo game account email and then click on generate, and it then shows some gibberish codes and claims that they break into the server.

Now, you should remember a certain aspect of this method:

  • No one-page website can break into Nintendo server
  • Nintendo has hired thousands of IT professionals who can know this break-in within minutes.
  • So, it is not possible to break into big game servers like Nintendo
  • These Scam websites make people complete surveys on which they earn a commission.
  • Do not put our userid and password of Nintendo game account in this type of website

Install malware or virus into the system

In this module, the website tries to install fake .exe into the visitor’s system, claiming to give them free eShop codes.

Now there are hundreds of incidents where people losses all their confidential data and money, as these exe installs virus and backdoor into the victim systems.

You should be more careful about these types of unsolicited method to gain free eShop code, where you may lose all your sensitive data.

10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes

So, if we are not using these fake online methods of getting eShop codes, then what are other methods by which we can earn free Digital gift Codes?

Well, there are more than 15 methods by which you can earn eShop codes free, but we have summarized the top 10 methods of getting Nintendo eShop digital code.

Method 1 # Use Gold Points by Nintendo

Nintendo has added Gold Points to any purchases you will do with its games or game bundle.

Nintendo Gold Points

These Gold Points are treated equivalent to a dollar, and you can redeem them for getting any new game or game custom.

Gold Points, which are now regular features with new games, are treated as essential items as they can be used as a credit to purchase new items.

Check in the Nintendo Store for “First Skunk Bundle,” which has 30 Gold Points associated with it.

Use the Gold Point credit and purchase these items from Nintendo Store

  • Nintendo Console games
  • Any old Nintendo Classic game
  • Game Bundle
  • Game Cosmetics including characters

Method 2 # Work in GPT Website

Work with GPT (get paid to) website for free digital gift cards.

You should consider joining a free GPT website like Swagbucks, PointsPrize, where you will perform a small task.

For every task you perform, you will be awarded points which later can be accumulated and redeem for Gift Cards.

Some of the tasks which you can perform in this GPT website are

  • Watch video ads
  • Install different apps or software in PC or Smartphone
  • Compose, send or fill different mails
  • Complete any free survey
  • Give your valuable opinion on any products
  • Keep on participating in diffident events and claim points

Method 3 # Work in GPT Mobile Apps

GPT mobile Apps are another way of earning free eShop codes, and they follow the same module of GPT website.

You need to perform a small task to earn points that can later be redeemed for any digital gift cards including Nintendo Gift Card.

Some of the best GPT mobile apps are as follows

  • MyPoints
  • CashCrate
  • Opinion Panda
  • FreeMyApps

Method 4 # Work in Survey website

You can also Join Survey Website, which is free to join and gives a huge bonus for just joining them.

Some of the online Survey websites provides a $1 bonus when you register free with them.

You need to complete a daily survey on these websites and earn points when your points get huge or accumulated; you can redeem them for gift cards.

Consider using these free methods of earning eShop codes as these are legit method but requires your time to complete all offers.

Some of the best online survey websites are as follows

  • MySurvey
  • InBoxDollars
  • Vindale Research
  • Panda research

Method 5 # Join Game Forums

Consider joining Reddit and other similar game forums for free Codes. If you check all the subreddit, you will find many unused eShop codes being pasted in these forums board.

First, search all the related subreddit or game forums which has Nintendo games or Nintendo giveaway as topic headlines.

Now, explore one-by-one and read all the article posted in this subreddit, you will find many codes which will be posted on these forums. Check one-by-one and try to redeem them in your game account.

Method 6 # Check cheap Services

You can join Fiverr or SEOClerk for some cheap Nintendo Gift Cards, which people are selling at lower prices.

If you check all the gigs properly, you will find a discount on many Nintendo Gift Cards such as

  • $20 eShop codes will be available in $16
  • $35 eShop codes will be available in $30
  • $50 eShop codes will be available in $45

So, if you are looking to purchase any Nintendo Gift Card, then visit Fiverr or SEOClerk and get a discount.

Method 7 # Work as game Tester

There are many gaming companies which give an opportunity to test beta games, and if you are selected in these game testing team, you will receive free digital gift cards.

You can also free eShop codes as you can test all the games which are still in the beta stage and requires extensive gameplay.

In this game tester job, you need to spend 02 to 03 hours per day, playing the game and giving valuable suggestions to the development team.

<ahref=”https://f8de3o3-j11xdu4fjdl7k4cxaq.hop.clickbank.net/”><img src=”http://www.gamingjobsonline.com/images/banner/banner728x90.jpg” /></a>

Check out the link and start earning money or gift cards with playing the game.

Method 8 # Check for Codes in Text bulletin board

Nowadays, there is one secret place where you can get free eShop Codes, and those are text Bulletin board.

You can search and find hundreds of codes on these websites and use them for free credits for your Nintendo games.

Check here for free eShop codes 2019: http://bit.ly/zerobin-eshopcode

You can find many other online Text Bulleting boards like Pastebin, where you can find free Nintendo Gift Cards codes.

List of text storage website where you can look for free codes

Method 9 # Join in Instagram Giveaway

The biggest giveaway always occurs on Instagram, where you can find 50 coupons of $50 is distributed among the followers who have participated in the event.

You can join these events or giveaway and start receiving free gift codes without any problem.

How to participate in eShop Codes Instagram giveaway?

Follow these steps, if you want to take part and win in these events

  • First of all, you need to register in these events by clicking on the following button of the advertisers of Instagram
  • Read all the information on how your participation will be valid
  • For example, you need to share their affiliate link in your 10 Facebook friends wall, or you need to share links to a Twitter account
  • Many times, you need to share it on different social media platform like
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • VK
    • Instagram
    • WhatsApp
  • After you completed your sharing, you need to wait for the event to complete
  • When the event gets completed, the winner will be announced by fair means, and free eShop codes will be given to the winner by mail.

Method 10 # Join Facebook and Twitter page

Consider joining all official webpages of Nintendo and its games on Facebook and Twitter pages. There are many incidents of big game companies provides free eShop code to encourage more people to play their games.

If you are connected to all big game companies on Facebook and Twitter, you will have a greater chance of using these codes.

As Nintendo codes can be used only one time and money will be credit into your account within few minutes.

So, our advice is to check all the official page or fan page to get some free eShop codes as they are uploaded into the giveaway page.

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Final words

So, these are the top 10 Methods to get Free Unused Nintendo eShop Codes. You should never consider using any scam online website which will try to install fake software in your system.